What is SAP SE

SAP SE is one of the world rulers in the collective IT-solutions advertise. The organization helps teams of any amount and type of industry more effectively conduct their business. Support assistance or board of executives, storage place, desktop or mobile applications – SAP solutions acknowledge you to advance the endeavor of a variety of departments and processes. The wide range of tools conceive by the organization aims to create a huge compassionate of the business and conceive a ambitious asset.

SAP solutions are used by such leaders of the domestic economy as Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Russian Railways, Sberbank of Russia, VimpelCom, M.Video, Eldorado and many others.

What are interesting facts about association

SAP is the fastest growing cloud business. Since 2013, the main engine of revenue growth has been the advancement of cloud solutions.

SAP is advanced technology and scenarios for the Internet of Things.

The name SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing.

SAP Company was founded in 1972. Its headquarters is in Walldorf (Germany).

SAP HANA Revolutionary Solution – Leader

in the field of Big Data. The SAP HANA platform allows you to implement a flexible and cost-effective approach.

to manage large amounts of data.

SAP is the №4 among software companies in the world and the largest provider of Enterprise Application Software.

The company has developed its own programming language ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming), in which most SAP products are written.

SAP is twice listed in the Guinness Book of Records: as the company holding the world record for the size of the data storage being served, and as the creator of the largest data storage of 12.1 petabytes.


Top 5 reasons to learn SAP:


S – super modern. SAP is the “gold standard” in business process automation.

M is financially advantageous because specialists with SAP knowledge are in demand on the labor market in any industry.

A is ambitious. You will have a huge number of opportunities: make a brilliant career in the company, find your place and grow in the huge SAP ecosystem, or start your business based on SAP implementation projects.

R is real. All the necessary knowledge and skills can be acquired with the University SAP Alliance.

T is technological because SAP is an IT innovator company.

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