Programming is available for everybody

 If you look, each of us is engaged in programming every day. Do not believe? But you set the alarm on your phone for a certain time. Or you set the program for the washing machine, the multicooker.

     In doing so, you change the value of variables with your actions and start the execution of various functions that are written in the program code of each device.

One of the most interesting and fascinating parts of programming is solving various problems and problems that represent something like a puzzle or a puzzle. But it will seem interesting only when you understand the code and begin to understand it.

      Programming languages ​​are often described by their paradigm, which is a way to categorize types of functions. Programming languages ​​have one feature – if two languages​​have similarities in paradigms, then, as a rule, they are similar in syntax.

At the very beginning of the emergence of modern virtual space, only one hypertext language was used (HTML). That he is the one where web programming begins. Over time, the capabilities of its tags and attributes for the design of web pages became scarce. Therefore, a special style language of CSS elements was implemented.

With it, the possibility of visual design of sites has increased significantly. This is what contributed to the development of modern web design as a separate industry.

The next stage in the evolution of the Internet was the emergence of dynamically changing resources. Before that, all sites were static and could not change their content in response to user actions. Partially, this limitation was overcome by embedding Java Script code into HTML blocks.


But such an approach did not give an opportunity to realize the creation of a web page on the fly. In addition, the use of Java Script does not completely hide its code, which significantly reduces the security of the resource.

      It is possible to create dynamically changing resources only through the use of server programming languages. The main one is PHP.


 What should you remember?


At the core of any site is HTML and CSS;

The most common is the dynamic type of web resource;

The main server language is PHP;

In addition to PHP in the creation of dynamic web pages using the MySQL database.


All these disciplines are basic. Their fundamentals are where to start learning about programming for the web.

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