Facing the realities of the engineering industry, most software developers do not cope – the products that we have to work with are very highly specialized.


• Recognizing a vehicle moving at speeds up to 150 km / h.

• Recognizes car numbers from a single camera.

• Allows you to record in the database of car numbers and registration time.

• It is used in the systems of automatic accounting and control of vehicle access to protected objects and paid parking.

It is a license plate recognition module with four video cameras. With it, you can automatically identify and recognize the numbers of cars in the frame, save the image of vehicles, record numbers in the database and time of registration. Thus, the base of all vehicles that have passed through the control zone is formed, which has the ability to add a text comment to each recognized number.


The module is used in the systems of automatic accounting and control of vehicle access to protected objects and paid parking. In addition, it can be used to compare recognized numbers with numbers of another database (for example, stolen cars), which expands the scope of use of this software. Together with the Radar module, which provides information about the speed of cars, the license plate recognition module can be used in car inspection to register speed violators.


One of the most popular use cases of this project is to use the module for determining vehicle numbers on weight complexes. The complex cannot fully replace the weigher, but by linking Intellect, the weighing server and the 1C accounting program: you can almost completely automate the workplace of the weigher into a single complex, as well as ensure complete control of the vehicle weighing operation, execution and discharge of documents (calibration act, weighing act, loading order, waybill). In addition, automation greatly simplifies the work and eliminates the influence of the “human factor” on the correctness of readings and data recording.

What does the “Intellect” do

The Intellect security system automatically records video information from surveillance cameras, weighing results from vehicle scales, identifies and records vehicle numbers. In addition, the system can be configured so that when any parameters differ, for example, the discrepancy between the actual weight and the data of the accounting program (invoice, waybill) or “someone else’s” vehicle number, an alarm sounds, and the image is sent to e- mail.

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